The Back Room

Anything that doesn't have a specific room set up for it should go here. Interact with your fellow LPU members about anything.

The Barracks

Discuss anything unrelated to LP here, such as: other bands, art, lyrics, your own creative projects, etc.

Linkin Park Live

Share stories, get show info, and talk about Linkin Park's performances and tours here.


Discuss everything Mike Shinoda and his new album POST TRAUMATIC.

The Music Room

Talk about some of your favorite artists besides Linkin Park.

Game Center

Play, Share, and Chat about your favorite forum games here. Please keep it appropriate for all ages.

The Underground

Discuss everything Linkin Park and LPU related.

Linkin Park

General LP Discussion

The Art Gallery

Share your art or photos with other LPU members here.

Cover Songs

Share your cover songs of Linkin Park music here.

LPU Events

Have you been to a Summit, Meet & Greet, or other LPU event? Discuss your experiences and share your photos from the events here.

Help / Site Feedback

Be welcoming, patient, and bring your sense of humor. That basically covers it. But these three guidelines may help:

Side and Solo Projects

All about Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, and LP side projects here.

Code Of Conduct / Rules

Read the LPU code of conduct + the LPU chat and video chat rules here.