Cover Songs

What I've Done Fingerstyle guitar cover (8)
Unknown-33 - In Pieces (LP Cover) (9)
One More Light - Cover (1)
Covering Linkin Park "Pushing Me Away" Piano (5)
Funny Moments of Fireplace Versions (3)
Linkin Park - Numb (fireplace version) (4)
Linkin Park - The Messenger (fireplace version) (3)
Linkin Park - Invisible (fireplace version) (4)
Linkin Park - My December (fireplace version) (5)
Linkin Park - From the Inside (fireplace version) (5)
Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit (fireplace version) (10)
Linkin Park - Sharp Eddges (fireplace version) (5)
Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, Iridescent Medley (fireplace version) (5)
Linkin Park - One More Light (fireplace version) (4)
Dpark - chester voice band (5)
"RMXS" - album of remixes and mashup's by DJ McGrady (1)
Heavy - Vocals with Chester on Smule (1)
Qwerty (Live) Guitar Cover (4)
Linkin Park-In Pieces Bass Guitar Cover[HQ] (2)
Dedicated to chester (1)
One Step Closer - Guitar cover (2)
Linkin Park-Don't Stay(Guitar Cover) (6)
What I've Done - acoustic Tribute to Chester (8)
One More Light cover in honour of Chester (5)
I miss him I sing....Sing to my angel (1)
Linkin Park - Iridescent (Cover) Tribute to Chester (3)
Linkin Park-What I've Done-VideoCover/Remake(Tribute to Chester) (2)
One More Light (cover by me) (2)
The Last Videoplayback in memory to Chester Bennington-Final Masquerade(Fan Forever) (1)
Linkin Park-Leave out all the rest-VideoCover/Remake(Tribute to Chester) (1)