[07/27] Xfinity Center | Mansfield, MA


The first concert of the US One More Light Tour is a little more than a week away! Who’s all going to be attending this show? Will this be your first concert? Are you hoping to be selected for a Meet & Greet? Let everyone know!

I will be going to this show. It will be the first time I fly out somewhere to see the band play. Previously I’ve only had to drive since the concerts have been relatively nearby. This will be my 4th Linkin Park concert, but I will also be seeing them in August as well!

I was thinking about handing out some extra Linkin Park stickers I have, so if anyone who’s going to be there wants a few, let me know (since I doubt anyone will recognize me)!


I will be there and this is my first Linkin Park concert. I will also see them in CT and have a meet and greet with them. So excited, July 27th is my daughter’s 12th birthday and we will be going to see LP! Can’t wait


The band would probably be on stage now if he was still here. It’s upsetting to have missed the concert, and it’s probably the last thing I should care or think about, but had things gone differently, tonight would have been much different. I feel especially bad for those who had never seen the band and were supposed to tonight


Tell me about it. I looked at clock around 7 and was like wow. I should have been singing along loud and so happy to finally see my boys. Ugh, it was a very depressing day for me


I felt the same. I was going to be there too