1 finger and a half play New Divide


Hey guys!!! I made this for my idol, for my all, THIS IS FOR YOU CHESTER!!
With my finger and a half a played New Divide on my guitar. I hope you guys enjoy and I hope Mike, Brad, Dave, Rob and Joe can watch it. The word “disability” is not a bad word, is the word that people use to say someone cannot do something because that person is “different”. I am showing that word is only in our minds, not in our hands or body. If you love something you fight for it and you will get it working so hard like I am triyng to do every day when I played many covers from other bands.

Hey you, yes you! If you are wishing something, GET OUTSIDE AND TAKE IT!!! Do not let anyone steal your dreams. Do not let anyone tell you what do you must to do. Do not let anyone do with you what they want. You are unique in this world. You are special. WE ARE!!!


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