1st meet and greet tonight


Questions. I have my 1st meet and greet tonight at the O2.
How long are you in there ?
Are they strict on the ‘1 item only’ signing policy…i want two ?
Any photo’s allowed ?


btw … Cannot wait :smile:


Didn’t had the opportunity to meet the Band yet. Congrats! As far as I know, you’re allowed to sign one single item. Otherwise the m&g would take to long. I heard it take about 20 minutes. At the end a group photo with the band will be taken. I guess you can also take photos during the m&g. But not when the guys standing right next to you. I think otherwise they would feel like animals in a zoo :wink:


Each m&g varies… have one item with you, they guys can’t sign a bunch of stuff for everyone. As for photos, they’ll tell you you’re not allowed to take any and the security will be all over you, especially if there are minors around. (you can always sneak your phone out though and snap a couple, just don’t get caught lol).
Have fun!


I’m envious ahaha I would love to attend a meet and greet u.u lol


I guess it’s all about gumption.
In my M&G they kept sawing that your not allowed to take photos, that if this necessary the security will take you out, that there’s a professional filming and taking photos of everyone and bla bla bla bla… Although I think that if you ask to take a photo with LP they wont refuse, you’re not allowed to do it. I didn’t asked for it.
The same thing applies to the one item only. If you ask for more, I guess they wont refuse. But theoretically, you’re not allowed to do it.

Hope I’d helped you!

Enjoy the M&G!! It’s a every good experience!!


Omg so good.
Met and chatted with them all, especially Phoenix. The show was superb. Loved the mix of old and new stuff.


It was an awesome meet and greet, memories that I shall cherish forever! The gig was great as well, so much energy! Can’t wait for the photos to go up.