2 membership, 1 account


Please, help me!
I have got a problem. My family bought me and my husband two memberships LPU for 20 dollars each. But this two mebmerships are on one LPU account. Is this possible to create a new account and give one of those memberships to the other account? Or when there will be a ‘meet & greet’ chance can I click on this twice? Have I got two chances or only one? If I win twice (for example), can I give one to my husband?
I would appreciate an early reply,


Hmm, an error has obviously occurred. I’m guessing it happened cause you might have used the same email for both purchases, although I’m not entirely sure it allows you to. Contact support or email the HQ, they’ll be able to solve this.


Can you write me an e-mail to support? Because i can`t find it…


Here’s WU’s support page, submit a ticket. If they take too long to get back to you just email Lorenzo or Lulu and they’ll look into it. https://groundctrl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


Thank You very much!