2 x standing o2 arena tickets for sale


Unfortunately I have to sell my tickets now due to work and would just like to try make some money back on them.

I have two standing for o2 arena and would be happy to sell them for £60 each either together or as individuals. Will accept offers also.

I’ve not included service charge in this and feel this shows I’m not trying to make money on them. I’m a genuine fan and gutted I can’t go :frowning:


Sorry this is the O2 in Canary Wharf right? Not the Brixton one


Yes it’s the o2 arena one :slight_smile: not the Brixton one.


Can I grab one please :smiley:


Sure :slight_smile:
Can you send private messages on here? Not too clued up on the forum yet lol, otherwise i can pass on my email?


I don’t think you can anymore…it’s been years since I was in the forums lol. I think Download festival was the last LP show in the UK though I could be wrong of course.

Anyway if you want you can message me on 07796687166

I thought my holiday number would be better than your e-mail address for a semi-public forum!