2013 live bootleg downloads (please read)


Hey Everyone
Does anyone know when the 2013 Live Bootleg Downloads for each concert are going to be put up for purchase on Linkinpark.com, cause the 2012 ones are already up, but the 2013 ones havent been put up yet, Any info would be appreciated, thanks guys :slight_smile: Cause My concert was awesome and I want the Live audio :smiley:


I think they said there won’t be any DSPs from this run.


[quote=EvoOba]I think they said there won’t be any DSPs from this run.


I just checked Pooch’s Twitter just to be sure. They indeed won’t be releasing any DSPs from this run. They said they’re keeping them for “special releases”.
They won’t stop :slight_smile: It’s just for this short run I imagine.


Ur joking!! :frowning: who is poochs twitter account by the way?? So its a definate no for the downloads?? Oh no this sucks :frowning: i so wanted s copy of my concert it would mean the world to me!


You don’t know Pooch? Seriously? -.-
He’s LP’s long time FOH Engineer, he’s the one with big mixing board in the middle of the arena at LP shows, he mixes those live downloads of each shows. His twitter account HERE


Noo, so disappointed :frowning: love my bootleg of the last concert.


Has there been any updates as to what Pooch meant by a ‘special release’? It’s really disappointing that we haven’t been able to hear these… they were some of the best LP shows I’ve seen (and I’ve been to 18 now!).


This kind of stuff tends to happen with LP’s Australian shows. Warner Australia is…“picky” about stuff like this. For some reason, they think releasing live concert downloads of Australian shows would hurt LP’s album sales in the region, so they usually don’t give LP the go-ahead right away. The 2007 Australia shows were recorded, but weren’t released for nearly 3 years for this reason. I’d be surprised if we didn’t EVENTUALLY get these shows, but it unfortunately may be quite a while.

And no, LP isn’t stopping their practice of releasing DSPs, they just haven’t done any this year because their only major tour happened to be in Australia (they don’t tend to do DSPs of the one-off intimate shows like Las Vegas). I’m pretty sure we’ll get DSPs for Japan in August though.