2014 Linkin Park


What was the best moment Linkin Park for you in the past year?


I’m giving my award to the Postal Service for getting my copy of Hunting Party to me 3 days before it was supposed to come out! That was a cool surprise.


joining LPU :smile:


Joining LPU and getting The Hunting Party!


Meeting Mike and Joe at Mall Of Berlin and taking pictures with them :smiley:
And of course the concert :wink:


my first lp-concert last november :grin:


Meeting Linkin Park two months ago! Dream come true =)


I want to say June and November entirely. Never thought I would attend 8 shows in 1 year (For me that’s huge)…

But if I really have to pick my favorite moments I would say:

  • Amsterdam show (Also did summit but show meant more to me =>Mike wore my beanie during his solo);
  • London M&G (24th, also mainly because of Shinoda… - See profile pic).

I must say 2014 was definitely my best LP year so far. :slight_smile:


@anvanoppens You had a great year!


Joining the LPU again after a few years and the concert of the hunting party tour :smiley:


Hands down, you seem to have had the best year :smile: I wish you even a better 2015


I was on vacation with some friends and I was singing lp songs all day long, mainly final masquerade, and at the end of the week one girl had the song stuck in her head and she didn’t even know it before! :laughing:
Oh and of course the concert in november :blush:


I created the topic and not put my answer. But the best was 2014 receive Linkin Park in my town, and pick up a drumstick that Rob played for me, in my hand! And Dave palette. All education of Lp of the security guards who talked to me for a long time, it was an amazing day.


Meeting Phoenix on the NYC subway the day before I saw and met them in NY at Jones Beach in summer 2014…


The was no best moment. I miss the real albuns. Meteora and Hybryd Theory


my first lp concert with m&g in november!! :slight_smile:


My best moment was when Linkin Park announced they would be in Lincoln, NE in February. My daughter and I have been waiting years for them to perform close enough to attend. Unfortunately Chester broke his ankle and the tour had to be cancelled. :sob: I completely understand and agree with their decision. My hope is their return to our area so we can finally fulfill our biggest dream.