2015.11.07 - Anaheim, CA - BlizzCon (+ Livestream)


A new chance to see our heros live giving the swirl and the energy. I found this announcement of Hahninator at http://lplive.net/index.php. Would you have a look at the livestream, I didn´t read anything ab. costs this time, but my english, I think it´s meant to be free available on the internet? Or am I wrong and we must pay tickets?


Virtual tickets are available for this event (39.99 USD), so i doubt that Linkin Park show will be streaming for free.



Thats what the others here told ab sm days ago, I really thought it´s the birthday present for the fans making LP in 15 years as big as they are today, so I´m a lil shocked, really, and dissapointed…


Anything can happen. There might be a free livestream. The tickets could be just another scam to get more money. Either way, the show will be up on YouTube a few hours after it’s over, so you’ll get to watch it.


The ticket cost is not just for LP. It is for the whole blizzcon event. The concert is just the bonus.