2017 UK O2 Early Entry


So I’m aware that they scrapped the LPU early entry benefit and I noticed that the VIP tickets only include early entry if you’re seated. Is there any other way to gain early entry if you’re standing? Is O2 priority early entry still a thing?


So sad that they scrapped Early entry. Does anybody why?


It seems to be back again


I can’t find any info on this?


It’s seems it is gone, I sent an email to Lorenzo for further information so we can get a definitive answer. More to come.


Got a response already, Lorenzo rocks!

At the moment, I cannot confirm nor deny early entry to shows is back…more to come soon.


Neither confirm or deny… haha interesting… any ideas when we will know? It might change my ticket purchasing choices thats all, Heck I’d pay if there was an option but none of the premium tickets include it for standing.


At this point all I know is what I said already, nothing new.


Is there already news?
Is there still the early entry for LPU`S? I will go to the concert in Berlin.
Many thanks for your response!


I’m interested in this case, too. Hopefully there is an Early Entry!! And I’m surprised that until now no M&G-Contest is announced…


Yes, I’m also surprised. I hope this is still coming…