2018 Good Goodbye Tour - Suicide Help


I love Linkin Park. I feel no need to share my story. It is irrelevant to what I want to discuss. This letter is to the powers that be: That being Chester’s family, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn and Dave Farrell.

I had tickets to the August 12th show in Cincinnati. Then we all found a hole in our hearts. Unable to make sense of what we don’t understand.

After attending 15 years of shows, one of the amazing parts of a Linkin Park show is when the combined voices of 20,000 loving fans come together in beautiful harmony to sing the lyrics of their music. It was as if Chester would say I am tired, it was up to us, the fans to carry the load. We always sang loud and proud. He, they touched our souls. We carried the torch. I am proposing that in 2018, Linkin Park goes out on a Good Goodbye Tour to honor Chester. I would pay twice what I had paid to be able to say and sing goodbye to Chester, by having a special guest stand in for each of the 27 shows that were cancelled on the 2017 North American tour. I am listing the artists that are unique enough to do honor to Chesters memory. I cross over genres as well as draw in unusual relationships. So I challenge anyone that wants to read this to share it, critique it, comment on it and contribute your own list. In no particular order there were 27 dates, hre are my 27 artists to stand in for Chester!

1- Steven Tyler
3 Aaron Lewis
4 Jared Leto
5 Jay Z
6 Tina Turner
7 Rod Stewart
8 Adele
9 Amy Lee Evanesence
10 Lady Gaga
11 Dave Grohl
12 Pit Bull
13 Johnathon Davis KORN
14 Billy Joe Armstrong Greenday
15 Sting
16 Justin Timberlake
17 Katy Perry
18 Adam Lambert
19 Tech 9
20 Trent Rezor
21 Serj Tankian System of a Down
22 Garth Brooks
23 Eminem
24 David Draiman Disturbed
25 Snoop Dogg
26 Ed Kowalczyk LIVE
27 Bruno Mars

Now GO, give me yours!


I love this proposal :slight_smile: