404 problem error


am i the only one getting the error page contstantly when posting around on the forum?
its quite annoying to be honest

hopefully it can be resolved as soon as possible!


I get the same message everytime I post something.

plus the navigation at the bottom (the pagenumbers of the thread) are not working for me. Can’t click them.


same problem for all of us. I contacted ground support on that matter. Will see on monday hah. It sucks btw but you can get over it. Posting a reply adds it but it redirects to wrong page number (actual pages number+1). Same with other 404’s.


Even the number of replies in a topic seems different outside than what it has inside…


Nope, I’m getting it as well.


No problems here




getting a lot of the error report in forum section… even can’t see the last comments in forums…


Same here.


seems to be gone now, hopefully for all pages x]


Same here and it doesn’t let me change the page, like go from 1 to 2 and so on.


[quote=EvoOba]Same here and it doesn’t let me change the page, like go from 1 to 2 and so on.

Yep, same here :frowning:




When I post comments and click submit - I get 404 error eventhough submission is successful !


page number is working now but 404 problem still occurs when want to view last post of a thread and after submit a post. plus, thread still doesn’t get bumped to the top after a post or is this just me?




Same here!!! Annoying grrrrrrrr


This issue was sorted yesterday, please let me know if this isn’t the case for you.


I have a similar problem.

When I check a topic entering by the last message it appear the same: “This page doesn’t exist”. Then, I go to the forums, see the threat and the topic is still there!

EDIT: Now I have this same problem too.


This problem (and others too) still exist [cry]. I mailed to Wade.