5 things that you didn't know about me

  1. you can call me also Debby my second name after Deborah :grin:
  2. i like boys and girls i am Bisexual :blush:
  3. i have a dog called MOMO the name MOMO is a Japanese name that i have take it from the Anime Japanese MOMO :dog:
  4. i speak Italian, English, Japanese :coffee: :cookie: :rice_ball:
  5. my favorite food is Japanese :rice_ball:


MOMO :dog:


Momo how sweet - I also speak a bit japanese because i learned it at school and love japanese food :smiley:




@Deborah_Arena’s Momo:


A Letter to Momo :smiley:
https://youtu.be/j3FvBjLOCF8 :smiley:


hey, I wanna do a five thing too. (thinks) hmm… well as I think, Momo from Avatar is awesome, and I miss that show. What other animated shows are you into?


i am Into Death Note, Nana, Inuyasha, Naruto, GTO, :smiley:


My gosh do I love anime. This is awesome, thanks for sharing it!


Awesome you are very Welcome :smiley:

  1. Actually, I’m blond. but I dye my hair black since many years
  2. My sister lives two houses next to me, but for almost 2 years we don`t talk to each other
  3. Half of my childhood I spent in hospitals.
  4. I actually never wanted to marry. Now I am married for almost 7 years
  5. I’m afraid of cows :smile:


What’s so scary about cows? Just wondering :smile:


When I was a child I had a traumatic experience with a cow. Probably this is the reason. I have to smile even when I tell I’m afraid of cows :joy:


Well it’s good that you can smile about it, though :slight_smile:


Your name is too similar to mine… (places you in a cow bin)


Oh i like inuyasha, its been awhile since i watched that. Never seen the other but but i use to watch naruto


Seeing that no one knows me, this is quite easy:

  1. My name is Llewellyn van Zyl :wink:
  2. I’m a psychologist (as a result of Linkin Park!!)
  3. I have two pugs. One named Baby Jay and one named Mister Beefy!
  4. I have been to two summits (South Africa and Amsterdam)
  5. My twitter handle is http://www.twitter.com/llewellynvz :smile:

6) The friends Ive made over the years with the LPU, are some of the greatest and dearst people Ive ever met and I love them to bits!


"2) I’m a psychologist (as a result of Linkin Park!!)"
How come? I studied psychology too. (And neuroscience). But I just decided that I don’t want to do the therapy education…


Oooh! Nice to meet u :smile:

  1. I love anime and manga, im what’s called “otaku” in Spain (I know, in Japan thats not a really good thing to be called… :joy:).
  2. I love fanfics, writing and reading them!
  3. My first and one of my actual obsessions is Narnia… I have two giant posters on my room walls.
  4. I love english, I talk spanish, galician and english (not so great, but at least I can defend myself :blush:).
  5. Numb, from Linkin Park, is my favourite song (not just my LP’s favourite song). It brings me a lot of memories, both from my childhood and my present life :relieved: .


Ok ok, I might as well fill one of these in too I guess :smile:

  1. My favorite colors are purple and green.

  2. I own way too many clothes and shoes; they don’t even fit in three closets. I guess I’m a bit of a shop-a-holic.

  3. I’m afraid of clowns. When I went to see Disney’s Inside Out movie recently and was shitting bricks during the entire scene with the giant clown, I sure made some kids laugh…

  4. I have 3 tattoos and had my first tatoo done when I was 16 years old. They are all religious tattoos.

  5. Playing video games is like therapy to me. My favorite games are: Skyrim, Fallout, Fable and Sims.


  1. I can’t concentrate during important meetings, workshops or other gatherings that provide intel without doodling.