7th studio album announced


Yes, it was them all together,kinda brainstorming, did´nt watched under this aspect, but… you seem to be right, great vision comes nearer


Dunno if they did any brainstorming that day or just listened to the demos but, to me, it was the most honest episode ever since the Meeting of ATS.


Whatever, they are together, must be the period right after the ankle operation, poore chazzy, but he was there, Phoenix looked a lil tired and mike a bit nervous, they were working sure on the new vison, Brad and Rob, professional like ever, concentrated, I love them for sharing it… :heart_eyes:

7th Album Direction?

So, who’s got Linkin Park related tattoos?




There is already a thread about this topic here: Linkin Park Tattoo Thread



It definitely looks like they’re working on new material from what we could see on the LPTV. I really expect an album in a different direction than THP, I guess LP is never staying still and they’re always looking for a the next concept.


Here’s a new interview, like always, Mike mentions that they won’t talk about what the album sounds like till they’re almost done with it. But they’re working on it, that’s for sure. http://www.dasding.de/mobil/musik/interviews/Linkin-Park-Interview/-/id=457182/nid=457182/did=1070890/mcat=B/uwnz2p/index.html


Man, they never REALLY disappoint, but…please sound awesome and live up to THP.


Hey guys,
This interview was brought to my attention by another fan on Twitter. Pay close attention to the last paragraph. LP is cooking something in London. Who do think it’s gonna be? Not sure what to feel about another collaboration. It could be for the new album but maybe it’s for DTD 3? What do you think?


"Later Shinoda reveals he’s already "starting to work out some ideas” for its follow-up. In fact, writing sessions are planned in London for a collaboration with an artist he’s remaining tight-lipped about. “I have no idea what it’ll sound like yet. It won’t sound like ‘The Hunting Party’,” he says firmly. “We like to surprise people.”

Won’t sound like THP, okay, fine, just don’t be EDM or country with Mike rap…


thats exactly why they are so amazing, because they always surprise us and bring us something new to think about and to challenge us… I know whatever LP7 is I’ll love it!


Unless it’s country. Then you’ll hate it.


So, since no one has replied to my question yet, let’s try one more time:
Who do you think they’re working with and what for? My take is for DTD 3 and I’d love it if it is Kendrick or Eminem or Muse.


First things first, what is DTD 3 btw???


Dowload to Donate. They’re releasing the 3rd one (don’t remember when, I’ll have to check). Pretty much same concept as the other two for Haiti and Japan.


Wait I thought Download to Donate 3 (Download to Donate 2015) is a compilation of unsigned artists’ submissions?

Quote from website:


Yeap, but who tells us they’re not adding a song of their own?
I think it’s too early for them to collaborate on a song for the album. They’ve barely started working on it as it is.


We have September and they said earlier in the year that they’ll start writing and recording LP7 in September. So it might be a song to LP7. But who knows? Maybe that DTD3. Collaboration on the song like this with someone well known is a good choice to promote MFR and DTD.