8/19/14 jones beach


ok so ive been to this venue before but never had GA tickets here and i was wondering since it says a seat number on the ticket, is it seated or standing? cuz if its seated id be confused about the purpose of calling it a pit lol. also anyone know how early u can show up to line up if its not seated? please help thanks!


if your ticket says general admission or GA on it, then don’t worry about the “seat” numbers. they are just there to fill the ticket.

As for early entry, just bring your LPU 13 laminate and wait on the LPU early entry line. We get to go in at 5 I believe.


thanks for the info! so what time do u think people will start to line up?since i know ur only allowed to go into the area at a certain time i was wondering from my past experience lining up early for GA


Jones Beach used to have no GA/Pit but since the theater was destroyed by hurricane sandy, when they fixed the theater they added a pit in the front.