A accident that happened last night


I know I should not make new topics everything I make but this is important and I want to know what I can do to make my self happier.

So last night my mom was doing the laundry and my 3 year old sister was coming into my room and I don’t like her in my room so me with ADHD slammed the door and I heard her scream really loud she went to show her dad (Not my dad) and he screamed and I started to have a breakdown and I fractured her little finger by slamming it in the door.


The first step is to obviously apologise. The second is to learn from it, don’t do something like that again. The third is to realise that shit happens (even if you caused it). The final step is to just move on.


Agreed with @the_termin8r … first apologise, then deal with it… Next time try to control yourself more… :muscle: