A chance to hang out with LP


Just got an email about the Music For Releif consent . Here is the full text:

Hey everyone,
While we’ve been hard at work in the studio, we wanted to take some time to let you know about an exciting new campaign we’ve put together to support Music for Relief’s Power The World program on Propeller.
For starters, we’re offering you and a friend a chance to fly out to Los Angeles, come kick it at the Linkin Park Headquarters, meet the band, and host Music for Relief’s Power the World interview on Facebook Live.
But there’s much more…
This campaign gives you the tools to get informed about Power The World, take action, and get others to do the same - all while earning points.
As your points accrue, use them to get awesome Linkin Park and Power The World rewards like merch, memorabilia, meet and greet passes, and additional entries to win the flyaway experience.
We’ll be continuing to add rewards as we go, so be sure to build up your account while helping Power The World.

I think this is a great event and I’m really exited)
Unfortunately , I’ve got a problem."Get Started " button in the email doesn’t work. Can anyone give it a try and write if it works or not ? Gonna be much obliged.
And the video link in the email doesn’t seem to work either<img


I wish they could find better ways to raise funds for their projects.
I can’t check if it works, the contest is US only, they did say the page is down for now though and it’ll be up later again. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.


US only. Oh , such a disappointment :pensive:


(Almost) all of their contests are US only, nothing new here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but I was hoping so much


Always read the terms of service before getting excited lol.


is it really US only? couldn’t find it anywhere :frowning:


Says so here:


oh noes! :sob: :sob: unfair!


Yeah, about the “Read the terms of service before getting excited”, I got super happy until I saw the “has to be 18 or over” part…