A decade of Meteora


On March 25th the best album ever released celebrates its 10th anniversary.
I often wish that I was a LP fan back then in the Meteora era, unfortunately I was too young to recognize good music.
What are your memories linked to Meteora, your favorite song and video?
Maybe, there will be something like a 10th anniversary edition of Meteora, that would be cool.


My favorite video of meteora is Breaking the habit!


Numb, Faint and Breaking the Habit are my favourite videos from Meteora. Love all the songs from it.

Have to watch “Making of Meteora” now :smiley:


The LPU Meteora tour. That was a great night. Breaking the Habit definitely my favorite from that CD.


from the inside
one of my favs from this album
i dont really have any memories either
as i only fell in love with them like 3 years ago xD


It’s my fav album by them and one of my fav of all time.

The lyrics and the melodies from this album helps me even now, 10 years later since I’ve listen to it for the first time.

It’s really hard to pick the best ones… but Breaking the Habit, Easier to Run, From the Inside, Somewhere I Belong. Dude, I just can’t pick the most awesome ones hehehe.


It’s my favorite album by LP, especially by the lyrics and the art of the album, it’s awesome :smiley:

My favorite video of Meteora… i think is FROM THE INSIDE & FAINT

But, my favorite song is Easier To Run and Nobody’s Listening :smiley:


I was 13 when Meteora was released. But my parents had no money to buy it for me. I only could buy it 3 years later. :X
BUT, my fav song is Easier to Run and my fav video is Breaking The Habit :slight_smile:


I have so many great memories from this album, and some bad, but Meteora has definitely been there for me through all of it.

This coming April, would have been a year since my first LP show, but that was rescheduled for July.

I remember I gave my mom the money (who was working from home at the time) so she could buy the special edition of the album for me that day while I was at school. I then came home from school and felt a really deeper connection to what would ultimately become my favorite band. Ever.


Top 5
From the inside
Dont stay
Breaking the habit
Somewhere i belong
Lying from you

Video: From the Inside and Somewhere i belong


Don’t stay and Faint are still in my top 5 songs from LP. The albume is really amazing as expected from LP and it is probably the reason I am here today so…


Seeing them in my home town when they filmed two of their videos here and stuff. But i think that this album captures the very best of them. One aspect of their essence refined to the finest point possible. I don’t really think it would be possible to continue in the same manner. Re-inventing was in order.


Meteora is and will be my favourite album! This is where it started for me! I love this album so much. Easier to run give me so much chills!

Cannot wait for its birthday :slight_smile:


I remember i was a Senior in High School, And I wanted the Limited Edition of “Meteora” Which Included DVD/CD. So at the time, the only place I can get my hands on the Album was target. So I waited outside the door at opening time. And I remember i was practically running towards the electronics dept and got my copy. I was so excited to hear it. And showed up to 2nd period to school BLASTING ! Don’t Stay !

I will never forget that day !

PS- I’m listening to “Somewhere I Belong” Right Now :slight_smile: Haha


that makes me feel old, I remember waiting for this album to drop. I still have a few unopened special editions.

I went to see them live the first time that year, and they played every song! Still the best concert I’ve ever been to.

My favourite songs are Somewhere I Belong, From The Inside, Session, Breaking the Habit & Nobody’s Listening. The last 2 were experimental for them at the time, and I loved that.

My favourite video was Breaking the Habbit. It seemed to take forever for them to finish that video, but so worth it.

Maybe my 3rd favourite LP album.