A delivery issue


Two months ago, I purchased 1 The Hunting Party t-shirt in the LPU Store. A month ago, I tracked the shipping, and according to both mail websites companies (US company and Spanish company), it was delivered, but I’m afraid I did not receive it; not even a notice, and definitely it wasn’t in my mailbox, because I’d been checking it for three weeks. So I made contact with the Spanish company, Correos, and they said it was delivered according to their database, they said it was strange, and they recommended me to contact with the sender, which is the LPU Store, so that they can make a complaint to Correos, get a refund or something. After all, the shipping is paid and I didn’t receive a single thing.

However, even though I tried to contact with the LPU Store through several emails, I haven’t got a reply yet, and my t-shirt, as well as my money, is still missing. And the fact that I purchased this t-shirt on my birthday (you know, discount and stuff) is kind of funny (nah, not really, I’m frustrated).

So… is there any other way to contact with the LPU Store? So that, at least, they do a complaint to the Spanish Correos. I hope to get my t-shirt or my money back, but… first things first, making contact is my priority, and it seems mission impossible for now…

Thank you.



@derek, @jFar920 can you help him?


Was this for sure from the LPU store? I haven’t checked through the LPU store lately, so there may be a Hunting Party shirt there, but that sounds like somethings that’d be on the normal Linkin Park store. That obviously doesn’t excuse it not showing up, but you may be contacting the wrong support.

I may be wrong, so if you were contacting the correct support, try emailing the general LPU support at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM


Yes, it was the LPU Store for sure. I used my birthday discount, in fact.

And I did try with that email account, but I still don’t get a reply :frowning:

I’ll try sending them another email and we’ll see.

Thank you!