A Letter - #LPsoldiers

Sir Chester Bennington
Lead Vocalist
Linkin Park 
Los Angles
                We are the LP soldiers. This letter is written to thank 
             you for everything. Your voice inspired all of us. Every song
             sung by you had a feeling. They taught us how to live the life. 
             They taught us to be original. To be strong in sorrow and pain. 
             For most of us, you were the inspiration. You were the light that  
             was there every night. Your voice was sweeter and more calming  
             than angels. Your songs were true. Moreover, you were a very 
             great friend. A great friend of all of us.

             We all will remember you throughout our lives. You guided our 
             life like the northern star. You will always be in our heart. 
             We respect you. 

             LP soldiers

And the rest of LPU family…


Love it! I’m sure his family would appreciate it and his bandmates!


I wish they read it…but how can they…why would they read this? …
I dont even know if they check the forums…:confused:
I got the news today 4am. I did not have time or i would have written this
letter before…


Angels, not angles. (@Honey8 are you still stuck in your maths?)


Non no no no no no @samuel_the_leader

I was gonna correct that. I was in a hurry wen i posted it
…then forgot to edit it when i opened forums…

I aint struck in maths…no no no…i aint so studious!!


Replace the word ‘maths’ with ‘depression’, and the word ‘studious’ with ‘depressed’. It will then sound like someone in denial.


@samuel_the_leader … have this


yes if the saw this it would be amazing <3