A Letter/Poem I Wrote


You are like the light of day that never fades away. Your love is as bright as the moon in the night sky. Your heart is as beautiful as the angels in heaven. You are something special, with a whole lot of love. You make each day better than the last, and help us to forget about the past. You are a beautiful soul to have in the world, and I hope these words bring happiness to you. I just want to say thank you, because all of us at the LPU love you. We are together as a family here and now, until this world comes crashing down. But our love for each other will never end, because we stand here forever as loving friends. United we stand, one by one, you give us the strength of a thousand suns. Your spirit is like one more light, that never fades into the night. I love you with all my heart, until we meet again, in a place to start. Lets forget about what we’ve done, and let go of the pain we’ve felt so long, cause after our dreaming, we will find something we’ve wanted all along, somewhere we belong.


that’s very well written Charles (@chigokurosaki) you did a wonderful job I can’t wait to pat reads this masterpiece


Thanks, and this may come as a surprise, but it’s not about Chester. I actually wrote it about someone else. My letter for Chester is still in process right now. But thanks for your support @turners34


Oh I am sorry about the confusion but good job any way @chigokurosaki


Guess I should have classified that it wasn’t my letter for Chester. :joy:


Yeah because I popularly wasn’t the only one that thought it was but it’s still great. Charles


I love it :heart_eyes:- the idea to put all these wonderful songtitlles into it is great! I read it as a letter to a very near friend and I feel you and your love for your friend (Chaz) in every line! :heavy_heart_exclamation:️- he will be damn proud on you Charles! Great work :sunny:


Thank you very much, but again as I said to @turners34 its not for Chester.


oh, ok- overread this part of the conversation somehow! Nevertheless- it’s awesome witten and your friend can feel very very blessed to have you writing such beautiful lines for him :blush: and you can be happy to have such an amazing friend! Happy for you both cuz true and reliable friendship is so hard to find ! :sunny:


Actually this friend isn’t a guy. But once again thanks for the love and support. And yes, they are very blessed as well.


Awwwww!! Wow! :heart_eyes: if I didn’t read the coversation I would think it’s for Chester… but I think it can be referred to everyone of us and our personal experiences and losses… very well written and touching! :heart_eyes:


I love this poem it’s so cute I like the ending too :grinning: