A little challenging game


Somewhere I beloooooong
Somewhere I beloooooong


Guilty all the same


Everything you say to me…
Takes me one step closer to edge,
And I’m about to break


Man, trying to think of lyrics that start with K lol.


Krwlng in my skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thought of that, but even in the reanimation version it still is crawling lol.


Knot it tight so I won’t get loose


Everything you say to me


Everything has to end
You’ll soon find we’re out of time left to watch it all unwind


Don’t know what you’re expecting of me
Put under pressure of walking in your shoes


Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuup!


(I will soon)

Put me out of my misery


You, now I see, keeping everything inside


Erase myself and let go of what I’ve done


Erase all the pain till it’s gone


Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first


This is war with no weapons
Marchin with no steppin’
Murder with no killin’
Illin’ every direction


Now I find myself in question


Noooooo!! Hear me right now!
You gotta listen to me
Like it or not!!!


Time won’t heal this damage anymore