A little challenging game


else care
After my dreaming
I woke with this fear
What am I leaving
When I’m done here?
So if you’re asking me I want you to know


Wake in a sweat again
Another day’s been laid to waste


(And my) eyes are wide awake

If I fall, get knocked down, pick myself up off the ground


Don’t you come back no more


(To) end things watching everything spin
With thoughts of failure sinking in


No more sorrow
I’ve paid for your mistakes


Somewhere I belong

And I’ve got nothing to say
I can’t believe I didn’t fall right down on my face (I was confused)
Looking everywhere only to find that it’s not the way I had imagined it all in my mind


Seems you wanna kill me with ‘d’ :smile:

Drained, manipulated like artists, it’s real deep
Until no more remains, but I’m still me


Ups didn’t notice :laughing:

easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb


But now I have some clarity
To show you what I mean


numb, I can’t feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
By becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you


You all assume
I’m safe here in my room


My tongue’s gotten real tired of me biting it
‘Cause I keep on following the wrong way
Time’s come and I can’t keep denying it
There are times when I kick myself
Say I’m not sick but I can’t get well
Say I got this while I chase my tail


Leave out all the rest


The reminders pull the floor from your feet
In the kitchen, one more chair than you need oh
And you’re angry, and you should be, it’s not fair
Just 'cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it, isn’t there

How are you btw @mish3lka? Hope you and Laura are doing alright. :revolving_hearts::blue_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Every scar is a story I can tell


Lying my way from you
I want to be pushed aside so let me go
Let me take back my life, I’d rather be all alone
Anywhere on my own cause I can see
The very worst part of you is me

Hey @chigokurosaki we’re great, thanks for asking :slight_smile: Laura is almost 8 months, the time flies! :slight_smile: And on Tuesday we’re attending already her 4th swimming course. She can dive without problems already! Looking forward for what we’ll learn next! :slight_smile: And how are things going on your side? :slight_smile:


Exposing who you are
For all to see
You’re not the one that you pretend to be


Easier to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


No surrender, no illusion