A little laughter never hurts





Who fancies another story about me being an idiot?

This is about the time I managed to crash an umbrella into a postbox (yes, that actually happened). If memory serves, this happened some six years ago. My mum was taking my sister to school late in the afternoon for some kind of class assembly / production if I remember correctly. She took me along as she didn’t want to leave me home alone.

On the way there it was raining, but on the way back it had stopped raining. As a result I decided to pretend that my umbrella was a shotgun (because that’s what you do at that age), I was walking along the street with the umbrella out in front of me and open, pretending to be shooting at things. Suddenly, I walked into something, not knowing what had just stopped me dead in my tracks, I only caught a breif glimpse of red, so I thought I’d just walked into an adult with a red coat and apologised immediately. Only after I composed myself and moved the umbrella did I see that I had actually just walked into a post box and then proceeded to apologise to it.

No only had I walked into a post box like a total imbecile, but I also broke my umbrella and ‘impaled’ my stomach with the end of the handle. My mum was so pissed when she turned around. There was nobody else on the street at the time to see it, but someone might’ve from inside their house if they happened to be looking out of the window.



I would love an island like that.


I want to live on the island from Motorstorm Pacific Rift.


Can I have that island?



When John’s full name is John Wick.

Talking about pets, here is something from 9gag.





Where’s darth Vader for her?



That tends to happen if you spike its bowl with cocaine. :joy:


This cat is like “Nah, no way mate” :joy::joy:


That could be theme song of that situation lol