A little laughter never hurts





LMAO that’s hilarious
In my high school (the previous one, class 9) a girl couldn’t show on the map where the North America is. She was pointing somewhere in the area of Antarctica


Reminds me of those videos you see of Americans who don’t know where anything is. And it’s ALWAYS Americans that they pick on. LMAO


That reminds me of a video I saw a few weeks ago. Still funny to watch







kind of mean since ironman is MIA most the time :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, I fell into that trap a few times as a kid, then I became forever paranoid. :joy:




Wasn’t it racecar in tree?


It was a lamp post and a tree. And racecar. I think it was a Porsche Carrera.


Carrera GT with ancient tyres, his friend basically got them killed.


All I remember is that he was not the driver. So yeah, his friend got him killed. Moments before Paul’s death, his friend was fast and Paul was furious.
That website killed me. I can’t even make a joke.


The car was a handful to drive on good tyres, the Stig even found it tricky to drive on TG. If the Stig found it hard on good tyres and a proper track surface, what chance did some clown have on the road with tyres that were several years old?


I am a fan of Ford GT. Those were some real beauties for me along with McLaren.
I read that Ford released new models in 2017 for these, but I have been out of touch lately.

Also, Stig is good. My friend was a big fan of Top Gear. He made me watch a lot many number of episodes.


Top Gear Mk2 is the best show ever for me. And indeed there is a new Ford GT, this one is a V6 and is even bigger than the last. lol


This is sweet.