A little laughter never hurts


First thing that came to mind when I saw @amitrish’s post :joy:


Do you guys heard about Dragonarte comics?


In the first one he really is an owl. :joy:


I feel bad for supa-man, but that’s what you get for voyeurism.





Dean Winchester and wolves! Two of my favourite things ever


I don’t get the first one. I’m finding the second one funnier than it probably is. :joy:

What if I told you that a girl in my year 11 English class thought wolves were mythical?


its a personal joke to me and my family as we always had demons to fight during the past 10/15 years and so it has drove us a bit insane.

I would say that werewolves are mythical, not just any wolves.




I like that anime. What was its name?



I dont know. I just liked his answer.


I think it is Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor


Arigato gozaimasu @jrtrussell -kun! (Thank you!) That is!



Amateur Auralnauts? HISHE is awesome though.




That show used to be good…


This was the show’s literal approach.

Audiences: This show is getting worse every season.
Creators: Does it affect me?
Audiences: No.
Creators: Then suffer in silence.

I have heard that it has finally been cancelled, but then the damage has been done.