A little laughter never hurts



These guys :joy:


Now that’s good one.





:scream: :sob:




West Virginia.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: took me a second :sweat_smile:


I was very impressed. I would have taken longer maybe if West Virginia was not mentioned.


Lol take me home is a quick trigger but at first I was trying to think of the dudes name lol

Problem is, now I feel I have to lay off using the (:crazy_face:) emoji so much :sweat_smile:


You also need to lay off the instant like part. It is like I get a notification even before the post is published.

I imagine you are standing there like…


Aaaaaaannnndddd… How the holy **** that emoji matches the exact pic?


:joy::sweat_smile: it’s my thread so the notif pops up and I went to it :zipper_mouth_face: I just happened to be online :grimacing:
maybe my internet speed is pretty damn good too :thinking: haha


Don’t you dare bring my internet connection’s speed into the topic. You will be mauled. Slowly. Very slowly. Unlike my internet connection.


:joy: we could bash on @the_termin8r’s speed then haha
Or just mention w10 and be done with it :smiling_imp:


Same here, except I don’t know who the c**** is :joy:

Mate, mine’s been 100+ on the DL since we changed back a couple of months ago.

Funny you should say that, I got another update notification a few mins ago, I’ll see how long I can hold this one off.


So here is a joke I just thought of and since it is completely original, I am going to laugh like hell.

Q: Why did Bill had to open the Gates for a knock knock joke?
A: Because the windows were updating.

Me, now.


@framos1792 staph!


At this point it’s just fun doing it lol