A little laughter never hurts


I wonder if Harry Potter actually markets this.


Doubt it, slytherin’s monster makes marketing a real nightmare :joy::sweat_smile:


I wonder if that is an euphemism or an innuendo or word choice or just my mind.


How do you catch an elephant?
First you dig a big hole. Big enough to fit an elephant. Next you line the bottom of the hole with ash. Last you put peas all around the outside of the hole. Then… when the elephant comes up to take a pea, you kick him in the ash hole!
:joy::joy:corny​:joy::joy:I know​:joy::joy:


Looks photoshopped to me. Would have been even better if it said something like “Students are not allowed in the forbidden forest”. Heuheuheu :joy:




So true!! :joy: :rofl:


Feels bad, man!


It’s just corny, you know… silly. :grin: Don’t overthink it. It’s not that deep.


I was not talking about the picture. It was regarding @framos1792 's comment.


I’m actually in tears haha!!


It’s a valid solution. My mic (for the short period I used it) was a bluetooth ear piece screwed into my headphones.


Saw this as well!!





Oops sorry. Ur message was shown in my messages right after my corny joke! My mistake…:grimacing:




This randomly came up on my yt.


lol I love that meme :joy:

This is my favorite variation