A little laughter never hurts








Thanks That just made my day That is how I am everyday. I can’t stop laughing Love you @framos1792


Trust me, I’m an engineer…

Actually this wasn’t my idea, but a friend’s. This is how we prop the door open in the room that our society has been given…with the box from our FPV goggles. :joy:


Great engineer :joy::joy:


So, engineering is getting even weirder, these were on our lecture powerpoint today. :joy:


Professors going crazy??what’s that!!? Even the “quack” sound!!! Looooool :joy: :joy: :rofl:


:rofl: I had a lecturer earlier this year that did thing like this



Brains do lag, we just can’t perceive it.


A lagging brain almost feels like you’re stoned, really. It’s opening the fridge and wondering why you’re opening the fridge for. It’s the feeling you get after days and days of hardly any sleep, like you’re walking through a fog… Yeah… Brain lag is a thing, for sure.


That’s not the lag I had in mind, I mean proper lag, between input and output, the time between you thinking of moving your hand and actually doing it.