A little laughter never hurts


What the hell did I just watch?




Good question, wrong thread. It was probably a rising bollard that can be lowered into the ground, but the mechanism looks to be broken and it gave way under her weight.


Lmao I love how methodically you approached it
Never reveal a magicians secret bro, wth


At first I thought it went up her back, but you couldn’t see it under her clothes.



Yes, I did. :joy:


Same here! :rofl:


That stuff belongs in the WTF thread @LP13413 :joy:



I’m the guy that does that. :joy: It’s better than leaving it when the dishes have been done 2 mins ago. My mum prefers it that way as well.


:scream: :neutral_face: If I were your mum I’d make you wash your own dish :triumph:


But why? You’re doing the rest, why not do one more? Would you like it if you’d just finished the dishes and I came and left a single dirty plate next to the sink?


:thinking: no…well… I kinda misunderstood your previous post… :roll_eyes: yeah, better than leaving it dirty… I’m the one who can’t stand leaving a single dirty piece lol :sweat_smile:


In my case is really annoyed that I’m giving time to wash the dishes and in the last second a mother****r comes and put that sht as nothing. Really? Why the hell are you waiting until I’m ending to wash all the dishes to put your dirty sht?!


I’m the washer in my house :joy: My mom does that to me too, especially when the sink was empty and she put the spoon in… one f… spoon :rage:



Finally some good news…



Guess who I am…


In all fairness, I’m not crazy about all kinds of decorations either, I think its enough to celebrate the day and be thankful for what you have, I don’t need or want anything fancy. Although I do enjoy seeing Christmas lights in all different colors and patterns.