A little laughter never hurts


Was just back tracking through the film thread looking for recommendations when I saw this. :joy:


I’m missing something :thinking:


The replies from @StephLP18 and I are for deleted spam, but they look like we’re being dicks to @melisLP. :joy:


Damn, I was hoping it was towards @framos1792 :sweat_smile:


Poor @melisLP !! :pleading_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Oh now I remember this lol




@the_termin8r :laughing: I’m curious about your Christmas gift… :grin:


Don’t know what’s it’s going to be, it was supposed to be Banshee’s new electronics, but my parents let me keep them when they arrived.


Lmao. I remember that



The ugly truth.


What does the bit on Japan say?


World war 3


I think it says “world tour <3”. Reason 1: Japan is mostly a part of band tours. Reason2: There is a clear “<” before the 3. Also all texts are in lower case. For the 2nd word to be “war”, W needs to be capitalized.


I think that would be NK, tag would need to be slightly farther West (not by much though).

That makes more sense, thanks.




I guess nobody took him seriously since he was always joking.

I will show myself out…


Me dealing with W10. :joy: