A little laughter never hurts




:joy: :rofl: @framos1792 that is you trying babysitting!! :rofl: :rofl:


Actually that’s me. If the kids misbehave I’d mummifie them in gaffer tape (leaving only the nose exposed) and then I’ll release them minutes before the parents get back. :joy:


This is probably something I would do. :joy:


I would have started a food fight in the White House.


That’s be brilliant! First food fight at the White House EVER :smiling_imp:


Lol. I don’t think this was bec of the shutdown. I think this is just what Trump believes fine dining is.


Okay, this is funny.




@theearlywalker :smile:



Bat @framos1792 :joy: :hugs:


:scream: I’m not hulk! :joy: I’m the guy with the beer laughing hehehe


Change it with “Batman” :crazy_face: :joy:


Here’s something funny that happened earlier this evening. I was in the kitchen getting food and my parents were watching TV, at one point I heard my dad say “close the door you idiot.” (The kitchen is right next to the living room), I thought his comment was a bit extreme, but I closed the door. A couple of mins later I walk out of the kitchen and past the sofa to get back to my room. As I did, I glanced at my dad and noticed he had his headphones on. It was at that point that I realised he was talking to the TV before and not me. :joy:


A funny thing is in the end of the video. The guy is like: yeah sir, my coworkers are fighting… So? What did you want?


Haha I love this!


You’re the one who gets hit by the chair :sunglasses: