A little laughter never hurts



The first one is some mad skill from the barber. The second one… :expressionless:… y=mx+b is the equation for a straight line, NOT an exponential! The correct equation is f(x) = ab^x, in the the context of the pic.


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Thanks for explaining :grin:


Lmao I couldn’t help laughing at the panini one


Don’t know if this fits here or in the “grind gears” thread…

I actually got this question at 19 years old at my first interview: do you have any experiences? :flushed:


Simple, you say you’re looking to work for a company that isn’t run by complete imbeciles who have no comprehension of primary school level maths. Then you simply get up and walk out. I mean, I would.



:thinking: maybe this is why LA didn’t want to win… they’re brilliant!


I gotta say the threads LEUNRPHANTOM keeps making and @the_termin8r’s replies to them all have been giving me a good laugh! :joy:








The first one is right except it’s 7 am for Rob and not 6 am


Lol yeah
I was looking for a generic one, since I’m not an engineer… :laughing:


It’s so true.


Gotta say it’s the same for architects. If I stay awake for all night I’m more wide awake than if I got a few hours of sleep.


I’m not in Uni, why does it work like that for me too? :joy: :rofl: :see_no_evil:


Don’t forget Robin as well :joy: