A little laughter never hurts


Thank you :grin: That’s very good :joy::joy::joy: and all so true :joy::joy::joy:

This one is pretty good too (it’s not a song but also fun!)



Just wondering what this genie represents: a virus, a pop-up or 3 wishes to come true? :thinking:


I don’t get it either.



I think Ben & Jerry’s needs a new marketing committee.


But what if you sleep in your underwear like me?


Even I don’t sleep in those. :upside_down_face:


@the_termin8r @anomalia
It’s a meme because for some reason they cast will smith as the genie. Who looked at him and said “turn him blue and stuff him in that lamp, we got ourselves a genie”? It boggles the mind.


Lol :joy: that is good. Thank you.



My thoughts exactly when I saw the trailer


Discussing priority on the road with a six-years-old:

  • Which car has priority? (Self-answer) The one that looks better.


Me too, im my underwear or naked :see_no_evil: so I’ll just go and pay full price…


To everyone who commented on the “…in the PJ” thing:
First of all, you cant eat when you are asleep. So whether it is UW or naked, the ad applies to you being in bed, relaxed.
Second, PJ is used only to rhyme with Ben+Jerry’s short form.
Third, I am unsure if we are willingly ignoring this or it is just a miss, but the joke lies elsewhere.


Freeze! Bank robber slips on ice just as he happens to pass police officer


Lol. Yea I’m pretty sure the joke was what “BJs in your PJs” could mean out of context.




Omg, how stupid could he be😂


My favorite thing about that ad is how only the top half of the cow is shown.


True. I hadn’t noticed that at first. :joy: