A little laughter never hurts


Why not both?

Although, the series is called “Reach Around Books”…


guess so :rofl:



I cannot pass the chance up to include this in :joy::joy::joy:


Hope the last beaver for today



Lmao now its hilarious


Omg :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I like that they’re watching a Canadian show that’s going against the metric system.





Was in the lab in uni today working on my dissertation. I was doing motor testing for my autonomous delivery robot. I must’ve messed something up in the code, because I switched it on as normal (entered the value for neutral throttle) and for some reason it shot straight to full throttle. Everyone in the lab (myself included) jumped out of their skins, because of the sound. :joy: :joy: :joy:


lol Yes!! probably one of my favorite shows :joy:


Our informatic chemistry teacher at the lesson yesterday: “There are some scientist in a car, one engineer, one physicist, one chemist and one computer scientist. The car is not working and they trying to figure out the reason. The engineer says that maybe there’s something wrong in the engine. The physicist says that there is some problem with the momentum of smth. The chemist says that the fuel that they’re using is the wrong one for the car. The computer scientist says that maybe if they go out of the car and then come back in, the car should work”

Maybe is not that funny but it made me laugh a lot :joy::see_no_evil:


It is. It’s the most sophisicated IT solution - to turn a computer off and then on.


Sitting in my hotel room while my husband is still asleep, trying not to laugh out loud for him to wake up :joy::joy:
As a kindergarten teacher I have to say that I’ve come across more books like these and I LOVE them :yum: it’s fun for the kids, but stories like these are so much fun for parents or teachers to read to kids. I could read books like these to my kiddies every day :blush:


Ahahahah yeah, that’s what he’s teaching to us rn :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::joy:



I’m well familiar with these kinds of jokes, and I know that one specifically. :joy:


I didn’t know it and I was quite surprised :see_no_evil:
You are some kind of technician or what?

(Ot. Does that cake near your name mean that is your birthday? :thinking:)


3rd year Electrical & Electronic Engineer student.