A Message I hope reaches Mike and the Boys


I had had tickets to finally see LP in Lake Tahoe, bought the full vip package with the meet and greet. I had saved to go see them for several months. It was to be for me, the biggest night of my life. Seeing LP in concert was one of the biggest items on my Bucket List. I must of cried for 2 days when I heard the news about Chester. I just cannot explain to anyone the connection I feel to these guys, their music has got me through so many tough times, LP means the world to me. Some of you may laugh or make fun of me, but that is ok. I have no shame in how I feel about LP. I tried so hard to get 2 tickets to the hollywood bowl concert. But I just cant afford 1200 a ticket. I wanted to go so bad. Maybe God will help me find a way to be there. I am not someone who could ever hope to afford those kind of prices. But I will have faith, that somehow someway, Me and my bestie will get to that show. Thank You LP for all the great music you have given us over these 18 years. You will never know how much you really mean to me, I hope you will see this and know I really am grateful to you for bringing music to the world that was as personal and real as any band I have ever known to be that courageous to do! It’s never easy letting others see the pain we feel, or to know about the things we have been through, but because you allowed us in…You affected my life more than words could ever express. For that…I just wanted to say THANK YOU!


Were you able to make it? I think many of us understand where you are coming from. I do.


Oh Jessica I sincerely wish I had. It has taken forever to get refunded from the Lake Tahoe show, I didnt have anywhere near the money needed to go. So ya I missed it. It’s okay, it just was not meant to be for me I suppose. Thank you for your kind words, it’s good to know there are others out there like you that just plain “Get It” ya know? Take Care and thanks for caring too. You rock! Joe


I what to say that i wish i had the chance to go to lp concerts. But i never have to way. I would have to thank Mike and linkin park for all there music and for everything they do.