A movement by Stephanie


I have been deeply affected by the amount of suicides that have been going on and I want to be bring this to light so people are aware that this is a problem and that their is help out there for you. I want to help All the people going through this. And I will make my goal that we will not let more light go out so please if you know someone that’s going through this please help them #don’tletonemoreligthgoout#


I love that you want to help, but remember that sometimes you can’t help. Most suicide’s happen in a deep depressed state and it is most of the time a moment but they can’t see a way out any more. I have helped stop a suicide, only to have it happen years later. It’s hard but I feel that sometimes it is better for the one gone for there pain is finally over. Most of them fought long and hard before they could not anymore.


#StayAlive #MakeChesterProud #WellIDo

I believe Chester and everyone else who struggles with depression/who cares, would want for everyone to help in those cases. You can get help, you just have to find it. Talk to someone who cares and loves you, and won’t let you fight this alone. Remember, you are loved and you always will be.


i love that @chigokurosaki thank you if this were to happen I would want that to be are meto


Thank you. Just want to show my love and support for this situation. Believe it or not, but Chester is actually the one who helped change my opinion completely about suicide. Ever since I started listening to LP, I just changed my views on that sort of thing, and try to be supportive of it as much as possible. Again, I can’t explain this, but when I first started listening to them, I just felt so different about their music than anyone else I listen to. Its just something that can’t be put into words. You have to have that feeling for yourself to understand it.


yeah for me too and I fell i like I owe it too Chester to help people that are going troungh this


Good movement


I was honestly too sraced to post this at first but something told me that I needed to post this


I just got your email and if you ever go through this again I will only be an email away. And promise me you will talk to someone when your feeling like this Seening you lots of love :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: @rorybourdon wishing nothing but peace love and sweet dreams


This is great. #StayAlive #WellIDo I can’t promise to have great words of wisdom but, I will listen and always care.


Ugh I forgot about the stupid emails


@turners34 I like what your saying. Where I live there have been many suicides Some I have worked with. They were young only in their 20’s. from drug overdoses. So sad . Over the years I have seen and heard of many. and it hurts to think they had no choice.