A new forum for us created by me


I have been thinking lately about stuff and thought
I take up alot of the space of the barracks here on the forum

And thought of a way for me and the rest of us to chat about stuff to help keep this forum a little cleaner

So i present to you all

I am also looking for moderators to help keep my forum safe and friendly

Apply within


It’s Ready


It’s ready


Read above post


Its ready


Read 1st post


I’ll check it as soon as possible! Have to go now! Thanks for tag me… :blush:


Already visited it and its outrageous
And @acemasters if ever you need one more moderator you can count on me


I’ll check it when I’m back home
And… is the moderator vacation still available?)))


For moderator count me in


Not bad, but I’m not sure I understand the purpose of it properly. Is it for your lyrics and other topics @acemasters ?


Hehe, there was a linkin park avatar


New forum huh? That’s cool :+1:


It says “contact the forum owner”. Can’t neither log in nor sign up :expressionless:


I got in just fine. Are you sure you’re doing it right?


I personally don’t think you’re “taking up a lot of space”. Its not like you are spamming unnecessary content! I like everything you post. But I will join the new forums nevertheless x



That’s why I’m confused as to why you made it, you’re not spamming.


@the_termin8r its just another place for ALL to hang out, more info on my forum will be released over time!


It may be a good idea if we had a Leader, Regular and Member roles there just like this forum I guess? :joy:


It is still in its early stages as it builds i will be promoting people


Agreed :blush:

So…if you need another “personal” space I agreed, but other way it’s not so necessary…Anyway I’ll wait what other soldiers think/do… :wink: :hugs:


I love this idea! :heart:️ I’m in!


I made an example of that website before… But in several days… I quit developing it :joy:

(Edit: I wonder if there’s a Shoutbox on that forum)