A note of thanks - Ace Masters


This post might be pointless and to many yeah it will be
But I have to say this
I don’t have a large following on facebook in terms of my lyrics and as I stated before I came very close to hanging up my lyric writting boots until I started posting on here

And the following I get on here is so overwhelming that my gratitude is beyond words that can express

So I want to take this time in thanking those that have been following my lyrics, showing me love and honesty when it isn’t their favourite lyrics
And thank you in spending time out of your day and reading my lyrics

I know it must be a bore seeing my name all over this part of the forum

So thank you all for your support

and everyone else i haven’t mentioned it means alot to me
thank you all


Aww your lyrics are great keep writing and showing your skills your welcome acemasters


Keep doing what you do man, don’t worry about what others think. Always nice to read your new stuff, so keep it coming :slight_smile:


Rock on man \m/


Don’t worry. I should be getting an album from you soon lol. But really, you write better songs than me.



I don’t believe I write better songs than anyone

My songs might just be different to yours


@acemasters not many people write meaningful lyrics! You are just one of the few and that’s why I love them! Keep on writing, I keep waiting to read new stuff from you!


I will put up my song on here then. Soon.


I look forward to it @evkorngdlpid


Awwwww :blush: ! @acemasters

This thread is the nicest tag I found in a while! Reading it feels like lyrics itself … like a rap as a bridge between “Remember them” and “I am no fake” !

I loved ya writing style from the very first lyrics you shared! Thanx and trust :joy:my Feedbacks were and will always be honest my friend!

And I am proud on our cooperations so far! :sunny:️️Annnnd: we go on in the lyrics thread !


Hey, it takes a ton of talent and skill to write lyrics, I know I couldn’t do it. Never lose faith man, you do a great job.



Anybody can write lyrics, I mean have you ever heard the fastfood song…

I didn’t think I could ever write lyrics too until one day I got bored, got some paper, got my pen and just started writing and thats how Questions was born and when I read and re-read it I thought to myself ‘eh this isn’t half bad’ so wrote another to see if it was a fluke and my first demo lyrics (Too Much) was complete

That’s not to say that I have my fair share of rubbish lyrics that will never see the light of day

But sure, anyone can do it, just believe in yourself and believe in what you are writing :slight_smile:


That’s true! :grinning:


@acemasters i really loved ‘untold story’…its my favourite. Keep writing! you are welcomed here :smile: