A old fan from 2000 goodbye / thank you


Hey all…

It is with a heavy heart I see those sad news about Chazy Chaz.

Specially cause in my most darkest moments the songs and the lyrics song by the very man who went through alot of the same shit as me, made me rise like a phoenix again even through things most people wouldn’t come out of or come back from.

It helped me through so much pain - and the brightest stars in the sky will now shine for him.

Also sad I never got to see you guys, when you finally came around to my city / country you had to cancel due to some sickness.

I don’t feel I can talk to my family or my boyfriend about this - so bringing my heart out here now.

I remember when I was barely a teenager when I first time heard high voltage (oldest version) - and absolutely loved the song! then seeing “one step closer” on MTV was a awesome part of my youth as well.

I talked a lot with the band back in the early days and you guys were awesome to reply back then. and for us fans it was absolutely fantastic getting a answer from any of you guys.

I also remember making a ton of fanart and got me into manipulating pictures which is now what I work with.

You guys gave me my life back so many times - I can not even count it.

My sincerest thoughts goes out to the family <3 and to the band - hope you all are okay despite of the circumstances.

From a very old fan of yours.
Thank you