A Perfect Circle


Well let’s talk Maynard James keenan and APC!


I’d have to say that A Perfect Circle’s album, “Thirteenth Step,” is one of my favorite albums. Especially because I find “Weak and Powerless” to be such a moving song and I’ve loved it for many years. That album is remarkable and brings many different emotions.


I love their first two records. Already the album title “Mer De Noms” (French for: Sea Of Names) what in french phonetically also sounds like “Merde Noms” wich means “Fucking Names” is genious!
I really have to listen to eMOTIVe as well. I read, that this album contains cover songs of other bands. It is as good as the first two records?


Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums


“The Noose” is amazing!!!


The Noose is one of my favorites as well.


I love A Perfect Circle! I really want to see them or Tool live. Their new song By And Down released on their greatest hits compilation Three-Sixty last fall is really great! Did anyone else here hear it and if so did you enjoy it?