A Petition On Care2


Not sure if anyone else is aware or not, but there is actually a petition on Care2 to rename a park in honor of Chester Bennington. I don’t have many friends on mt Facebook to share the petition with, so thought I would mention it here


Link to the page would be helpful :slight_smile:



I don’t remember read it here before. BTW thanks for sharing it.


Signed :grinning: Thanks for sharing


You are all welcome :blush:


I signed it before I joined this forum… :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for sharing with us! :relaxed: :hugs:


Without any hesitation, I signed it. Thank you so much.
Also side note, despite loving this band for years, it was only recently that I realized that that’s what they named themselves after lmfao :joy: I’m so late


You’re welcome :blush:


You’re welcome :blush: happy to share it