A petition to name Download UK 2018 Main Stage to The Chester Bennington Stage


I would like to start a Petition to try and convince those in charge of Download to change the name of their main stage to the Chester Bennington Stage

I have already emailed them asking if i got enough signatures/body power would they concider this

Who will help me with this




Read above post



Read 1st post






Count with me!





Edit: @GioS read the first post . (Your decisions ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Me too :raising_hand_woman:


Here I am! :raised_hand: :raising_hand_woman:

@merydiaz @danni1317 please read the first post! :blush:


:raising_hand_man: I’m in.


The Bennington Stage? Sounds awesome :slight_smile:


Where do i have to sogn?:wink:


Amazing idea Acesmasters! I’ll definitely support this


Right here


I think that be a great way to honor Chester i truly hope the sage get changed to chester bennington.


Count me in!!


Wasn’t there a petition few weeks ago? I remember I signed something about that




And I have to admit that this is the most normal petition… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: