A poem for Chester


Ok so this is very bad but this is my very first creation. I know the rhymes are cheesy.

I saw you not that long ago,
Heard your voice live, finally not on the radio.
You touched my soul in so many ways,
The lessons you taught me are gonna be with me always.
I was so happy being so close to you that night,
Your light was there, shining so bright.
After all of that I wanted more,
This was something I couldn’t ignore.
I wanted to see you again in action
Even if my friends said it was emotional reaction
I was planning and plotting on that sad day,
When I heard the news, couldn’t believe in what they said!
The horror filled my heart and tears were falling down
That night I spent crying in my bed on my own.
One more light was playing on repeat,
My tears finally dried out, there was a defeat.
I barely slept and couldn’t believe.
Still feel like crying tears won’t leave.
I miss you so much even when five months already passed.
The same question, why it had to happen, I asked.
Why am I sad you might say.
Why my thoughts are about you all day?
You are my hero you saved my life so many times,
Your words meant to me a lot more than sometimes. I wish I could tell you in person how I feel now,
But the situation will not allow.
You are in heaven now looking at us,
Listening to all the things we discuss.
Since you left I feel so lonely.
I have people on the internet only.
They miss you as much as I do,
But sometimes they have no slightest clue.
I want to join you on the other side,
I never wanted this thought to die.
One day, my friend, we will meet on the other side.
People then will realise that I, in fact, lied.
I am not good and I never will be
It is so hard sometimes to be me.
So not that long until we meet my friend
As my life is slowly coming to an end.


This is pretty good, I reckon it would make for good song lyrics.


Better then my first one that is artwork compared to the first song I wrote actually it isn’t that bad I like it @rorybourdon you have a gift keep up the good work if you want to hear a song with bad lyrics I will show you ( one chance) my first song


It’s very nice, very intimate melancholy


I love it it sounds so nice is that for chester?


I believe so @annejprado and I honestly think that he would love it


Yeah it is. I mean it is a bit him and my feelings.
Thanks for reading:)


It’s really good. Good job! :pray:


Good to hear you dear, that you let it go and share it here is just great! I like it because it’s a part of you, keep going on! :sunny:


Great job! I feel your honest thoughts from your words and that’s nice… He would be proud of you for sharing such sad sweet poem… :heart: well done! :hugs: :star2: :sun_with_face:


It’s not bad at all !
I really like it ! We really feel the emotions you’ve put in it ; these aren’t empty words.
You should write poems more often !


This is great! Took the thoughts right out of my head. Except I wasn’t lucky enough to hear Chester in concert :sleepy:


This. It’s pretty good!


Awesome, i can´t stop grieving.Chester forever in our hearts


yes legandes never die @usma


Yeah I know. It’s very hard for all would us


@rorybourdon so wonderfully done touches my heart and soul I’m crying love it so much. :heart:


OMG that is beautiful. However I don’t like the ending. Pls do NOT end your life. You R VERY VERY important. Like that saying, you may not be everything to everyone but YOUR ARE THE WORLD TO SOMEONE in your life. I don’t know how old you are but you really do have your whole life ahead of you. Please enjoy it. I know Chester tried very very hard to enjoy his. He just had way too many demons to deal with. One being addiction. Then to top it off, clinical depression. So he had a double whammy to deal with. I’m a recovering addict. Been clean for 31 years. This March will be 32 years I’ve been clean. Life SUCKS BIG TIME. But nothing and noone is worth it to take your own life.

Sorry, just had to state what’s on my mind. So hope this helps you.

P.S. it’s my mother hen kicking in. :wink: