A poem for Linkin Park


Waiting for the end

Sighing, I am caught in between
In my wake
Looking up at the iridescent sky and back down at my table
The light coming inside lent the shadow of the day within
My eyes imagined the burning in the skies with every blink
Hands held high, stretching my limbs
Nothing but the feeling of empty spaces
Looking at the blank piece of paper on my notebook, my session was coming to an end
Breaking the habit of my normal routine, the counter looked comfortable
A place for my head to rest
Oh, I didn’t want to hit the floor again, no more swaying on my chair
The only thing I could think of was drawing a figure 09
Closing my notebook, sliding my fingers along the side… “Ouch!” A papercut!
Damn sharp edges…
Jornada del muerto
Feeling like a robot boy
Powerless to my incoming slumber, I lay on my bed

The summoning to a new dream begins
Where a light that never comes
Feeling a high voltage shock out of nowhere
An energy that’s pushing me away, deeper and darker
Foreward, I must push
By myself
Crawling and getting a feel of my surroundings
Starting to bleed it out from scraping skin to bone on the floor
Is it poison ivy that I just touched? Need to find a cure for the itch
Forgotten, I want to feel the light touching my skin
The radiance
Like the feel of my December weather

Soon, I’ll be gone
With wisdom, justice, and love
Finding the keys to the kingdom
Touching the castle of glass
Amongst wretches and kings

Yet, another blackout
I hear the requiem, but where
Lost in the echo of noises in my head
I’m screaming out loud but nobody’s listening
It’s the catalyst
Feeling faint
Shattered in pieces
Between lies, greed, misery
We’re guilty all the same

Hm, another dream?
Shoot, all for nothing
When they come for me
I’ll feel no more sorrow
Lying from you
Until it’s gone

Is it all in my head?
A war continues to wage
In the wastelands
Where a line in the sand
A drawbar lies
Marks the graves of the old me’s
In my remains
The messenger is coming to collect

When will I awake?
From the inside
I feel so numb
Even, invisible
No one’s here so I’m talking to myself
Crushing a piece of tinfoil
Look at what I’ve done
Whispering to myself “Don’t stay”
Knowing it’s easier to run
Far away I shall runaway
To a new divide
Saying to myself “good goodbye”

A rebellion I must make
With a final masquerade
Listening to a battle symphony
“Burn it down” I will say
See the fallout
Overlooking the points of authority

What day is it?
I’m one step closer
With you, that’s all I want
But all the little things give you away
Nearing Valentine’s Day
With a thousand suns overlooking
I must say, “Sorry for now”

Maybe this will be my last. I hope.
I’m only halfway right most of the time
Feeling so heavy
Traveling on roads untraveled
Until it breaks
Are you ready to leave out all the rest?
No more, I’ve given up
In search of somewhere I belong
Looking for one more light
Nobody can save me
But in the end
I’m just waiting for this dream to end


I also made a letter using the names of their songs for a video tribute in my country. But this one is really cool! I liked it a lot, this touched my heart. Congratulations and strengths in these moments that we have passed :clap::heart:


@crazytaniguchi :clap::clap::clap:


@chaztc thank you, I would like to see your work if you don’t mind.
@AlinaScholz thank you, I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I took the time to think of this crazy poem.


Ok, I don’t mind! I posted here with the name “The message - Linkin Park tribute by Brazilian fans” and I have on twitter. It’s a vídeo.

I hope you appreciate :blue_heart::slight_smile:


Wow just blow my mind so great


Thank you :heart::heart::heart:


wow powerful @chaztc


Thank you :grinning::heart: