A song written by me and @Woco21


Getting ready for to you devour
Pulling me in with your evil power
Haunting my soul every hour
You’re tormenting me
Connoting me with your evil spell
With my life at the bottom of a well
Stolen from me
Ripped from right undernenth
And every second it’s harder to breath
It’s getting harder to stay awake
And even harder to stay in my earlier state
It’s getting harder to find a reason for me to stay
It’s getting darker for me in the day
With a dark cloud following me wherever I go
With my soul and heart being stabbed with the end of a bow
I can’t go on like this anymore
I only see my life is a never ending chore
And the light and will has burned out
Hoping I can find a new route
Because I have this fear
And I am crying out every tear
I have loss all my will
And pain is all I feel
And my heart will never heal
Ready to step into the fire
Because I am handing on a wire
And I am losing my grip
And now I am about hit
But you u are held back, and are told to sit
Why are you isolating yourself in a pit?
Grab this candle and have it lit
A helping hand is within reach
Let me throw some wisdom at you through this speech
Where I will help you bleach
The darkness and turn it to white
And with this wisdom you may just smite
All these demons, and everything will be alright
The darkness will be consumed by the light
Go on, don’t be in fright
I’ll give you a hand to make things right
Let those begotten thoughts leave your mind
They are not you, but are behind
All your sadness, don’t be confined
Let the mental torture escape
Let your power and will take shape
Aren’t you curious as to what’s behind the drape

I put this here and not in my own thread because I wasn’t the only one that worked on it and @Woco21 deserves a honor for helping me with it


I like this collab! Very good! :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :smile:


I like this contrast! This could turn out to be a great song actually


Thank you guys And I find it helpful to get different ideas form different writers


Yes, the contrast makes it blend very well, now that I see it. Plus the “Behind the Drape” line is very deep, goes well with contrast lyrics.Thanks for liking the lines @StephLP18 :D.


I found it fun to get ideas from other people and see how it could flow and this flows wonderfully i should do this more


Definitely, I was thinking maybe we should record this? I am in the process of working a new mixtape. Though I would like if you could sing/rap your parts. Or if you would like, I can take a shot at it and see how I can approach it? Though of course it would need a name first :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I can’t sing unfortunately

And maybe we can get help from other people with titles

Because I am not good with that :sweat_smile:


Trust me, anyone has the potential for anything they set their mind to. I myself don’t like my voice, but people seem to like it, so I just go with the flow.

I think that’s a great idea! we should let our LP peeps decide the name of the song, and then have some votes.

I will see if I can try to tackle this song, I need to sing a bit more, so I will try xD.


This could a nice title

Or something like Darkness / Light to represent to duality of the lyrics


Maybe we get help form the band to do this
And the top 3 we vote on


This sounds even better :smiley:



I am tagging you because me and @Woco21

Agreed we need a title for the song
And we think a good why do this is have many different soldiers give their ideas for a title


coming up with my suggestion soon


I’m not good with titles, but maybe ‘Blaze of anguish’ ?


That’s actually really good Rob


Behind the drape


We will give everyone one week to submit their ideas
Then we will do a poll


(I’m not good with title either :sweat_smile: )


What do you think of my earlier ideas?