A song written by me and @Woco21


Dark Content


You want a title for any random song?


Lol, no. It’s for the one in the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about something new, start again, now I can breathe, light burning brighter, light outshines darkness, darkness fades away.


Ik lol… if have to give title to the song then which one? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Can you rephrase?


I was in hurry lol. Edited.


Reminder if you going to submit a title it has to be done by this Friday at midnight


So, what are the names we are going for? I am already compiling ideas to how this should sound, well lyrically at least xD.


Thanks for helping me with this


So, what are we deciding for the name :p?


I. Think we were having soldiers name it but I can’t remember


I really like this one Rob gave Though

But we it’s your song too so you have to like the title too. @Woco21


I’m feeling it for sure, Blaze of Anguish it is! thanks @the_termin8r


Glad you guys like it. I was planning on eventually sending it into a UOU nomination round, but thought it would be better suited here.