A thank you to the band 17 years in the making


I don’t know who sees this, but I wanted to send a thank you to you and the band. My husband died on may 13th this year at 37. He left me and his 11 month old son behind. I yet again find myself finding solace in your music. I remember when hybrid theory came out, I was just diagnosed bipolar disorder. The only place I ever found comfort was in music. I found hybrid theory and I couldn’t stop playing it. To be able to identify with other people through music on that level was amazing. Then Meteora came out. I remember looking for anything from you guys that I could find online. I used to chill with my computer just listening to that CD and writing. Those songs saved me in so many dark moments. The concert in Greensboro, NC for that album was unbelievable. I lost my voice from cheering. Now you have One More Light and yet again I find myself seeking comfort from your music. Because in my weakest moments it seems your music catches me and makes me pick my self back up again. It is only with your music now that I let myself break down a little to deal with my loss. No matter what happens in life the music has always been there. So to make a long story short. Thank you for your music. Thank you for expressing the words some of us fail to find. Even as I write this I sit here listening to your songs hoping it helps my words to fall in better places. Thank you for the honesty. Thank you for helping those of us who are lost find our selves again. Thank you for never giving up.