A thousand suns meaning?


I think it’s different every time I hear it.

I like to think from the point of young protagonist.

  1. Requiem/the radiance, the god save us every one part is the spirits of those who lost there lives in ww2 during the bombs and then Oppenheimer says his part about man becoming god.

In the near future.
2. Burning in the skies is for me the end of the protagonists life and he is saying he’s losing what he doesn’t deserve (explain the rest later)

  1. Empty spaces/when they come for me.
    The beginning of the protagonists story, the soldiers move in and start to take people to camps etc while our hero escapes.

4.robotboy, I see this is as him feeling sorry for himself and realises that it’s his pain that will give him strength to stop what’s happening. It’s not in song but I would say he starts a rebellion at this point.

5.jornada del muerto. Is again the voices of the dead saying this isn’t the way, we have already lost so much etc.

  1. Waiting for the end/blackout. The government/bad guys stomp down on this rebellion and maybe kill some in a battle. it makes the rebellion and protagonist want even more revenge and the “come down” section is those who lost there lives in this battle with a new realisation of whats important.

  2. Wretch’s and kings. The rebellion has grown stronger and with the machines speech reach to many people and the government/bad guys only have one way to stop the movement.

  3. During a speeh about keeping the piece in wisdom justice and love, it gets interference from the bomb on its way.

  4. Iridescent. The bombs are coming with no where to run people need to accept there mistakes and let go.

  5. Burning in the skies/fallout. As I said before on track 3 he is dying and what you have heard to this point is his life flashing before his eyes, and then the in fallout the robot (emotionless) person he has become voice turns human again realising his error and accepting it and then letting go, before his death.

  6. The human race stands united in these tragic times and trys to fix themselves asking God for help realising they are not gods and will make mistakes but they need to do that to be human, to be “lifted up” when they make a mistake and to be “let go” in forgiveness.

  7. Our protagonist returns with a closing message.

This is how I like to see it but there’s different meanings in every song.

Truly my favourite album of all time.


Don’t know how come numbers when funny lol


I’ve never really thought about the songs, but I’ve seen theories about the music videos joining together to form a story (aside from Iridescent, since it was Transformers related). Burning in the Skies being before/as a bomb goes off, The Catalyst being the aftermath, and Waiting for the End being death, or something similar to that


I’ll have to look into that


It might have actually went Burning in the Skies (before) -> Waiting for the End (during) -> The Catalyst (after)


I like the fact it’s not clear though, it makes it seem more personal.


No, you’re thinking of the wrong band. That’s Red lol, except theirs span over multiple albums and aren’t in order.


one thing i don’t know is the lyric ‘i used the deadwoods to make the fire rise’ do you have any idea about it?


Obviously the main meaning is trees that burn easy cause there dead.
But in the context of the song the second meaning of the word is “useless people” or “pointless people”

The victims of the Hiroshima bombs in my eyes


Wow. Well said. Fallout/The Catalyst are the top tracks for me.